Judaism 101 Marriage

Other prtners re more or less imposed on n dividul For exmple < href="/wiki/Widow_heritnce" title="Widow heritnce">widow heritnce provides widow with nother mn from her lte 's brothers rurl res of di < href="/wiki/Child_" title="Child ">child is prcticed with prents often rrngg the weddg sometimes even before the child is born.< href="#cite_note-83">[83] This prctice ws mde illegl under the < href="/wiki/Child__Restrt_ct" title="Child Restrt ct">Child Restrt. So when I ws sked to write ed out of nd to keep it under 1000 words I figured I could probbly give succct nswer ten words or less: be the girlfriend they were dtg before you got mrried Tht is the TLDR version for ny of you with smll children climbg on nd out of your lp whilst you re tryg to red Dr Psych Mom’s wisdom. Socil ties provide people with sense of identity purpose belongg nd support.< href="#cite_note-266">[261] Simply beg mrried s well s the qulity of one's hve been lked to diverse mesures of helth.< href="#cite_note-Robles2013-264">[259][< href="/wiki/Wikipedi:Plese_clrify" title="Wikipedi:Plese clrify">clrifiction needed] Tody child s re widespred prts of the world; beg most common < href="/wiki/South_si" title="South si">South si nd < href="/wiki/Sub-Shrn_fric" title="Sub-Shrn fric">sub-Shrn fric with more thn hlf of the girls some countries those regions beg mrried before 18.< href="#cite_note- .uk-39">[39] The cidence of child hs been fllg most prts of the world developed countries child is outlwed or restricted Girls who mrry before 18 re t greter risk of becomg victims of < href="/wiki/Domestic_violence" title="Domestic violence">domestic violence thn those who mrry lter especilly when they re mrried to much older mn.< href="#cite_note-who.t-40">[40] Fox rgues tht "the mjor difference between polygyny nd monogmy could be stted thus: while plurl mtg occurs both systems under polygyny severl unions my be recognized s beg legl s while under monogmy only one of the unions is so recognized Often however it is difficult to drw hrd nd fst le between the two."< href="#cite_note-28">[28]

Sce the 16th century five competg models of hve shped Protestnt nd legl trdition: Erly theories explg the determnts of postmritl residence< href="#cite_note-94">[94] connected it with the sexul division of lbor However to dte < href="/wiki/Cross-culturl" title="Cross-culturl">cross-culturl tests of this < href="/wiki/Hypothesis" title="Hypothesis">hypothesis usg worldwide smples hve filed to fd ny significnt between these two vribles However < href="/wiki/Korotyev" title="Korotyev">Korotyev's tests show tht the femle contribution to subsistence does correlte significntly with mtrilocl residence generl However this correltion is msked by generl polygyny fctor. < href="/wiki/The_History_of_Humn_" title="The History of Humn ">The History of Humn (1922) < href="/wiki/Edvrd_Westermrck" title="Edvrd Westermrck">Edvrd Westermrck defed s " more or less durble connection between mle nd femle lstg beyond the mere ct of propgtion till fter the birth of the offsprg."< href="#cite_note-9">[9] The Future of Western Civiliztion (1936) he rejected his erlier defition sted provisionlly defg s " reltion of one or more to one or more wo tht is recognized by custom or lw".< href="#cite_note-10">[10] Conversely when progressive tx is levied on the dividul with no considertion for the prtnership dul-come couples fre much better thn sgle-come couples with similr household comes The effect cn be cresed when the welfre system trets the sme come s shred come thereby denyg welfre ccess to the non-erng spouse Such systems pply ustrli nd Cnd for exmple.[< href="/wiki/Wikipedi:Cittion_needed" title="Wikipedi:Cittion needed">cittion needed] Historiclly nd still mny countries children born outside suffered severe socil stigm nd discrimtion Englnd nd Wles such children were known s < href="/wiki/Bstrd_(lw_of_Englnd_nd_Wles)" title="Bstrd (lw of Englnd nd Wles)">bstrds nd whoresons There re significnt differences between world regions regrd to the socil nd legl position of non-mritl births rngg from beg fully ccepted nd uncontroversil to beg severely stigmtized nd discrimted.< href="#cite_note-201">[196]< href="#cite_note-202">[197] The EU the lst country to llow divorce ws < href="/wiki/Mlt" title="Mlt">Mlt < href="/wiki/Mltese_divorce_referendum,_2011" title="Mltese divorce referendum 2011"> 2011 round the world the only countries to forbid divorce re < href="/wiki/Philippes" title="Philippes">Philippes nd < href="/wiki/Vticn_City" title="Vticn City">Vticn City,< href="#cite_note-194">[189] lthough prctice mny countries which use < href="/wiki/Divorce#t-fult_divorce" title="Divorce">fult-bsed divorce system obtg divorce is very difficult The bility to divorce lw nd prctice hs been nd contues to be controversil issue mny countries nd public discourse volves different ideologies such s femism socil conservtism religious terprettions.< href="#cite_note-195">[190] N < href="/wiki/vunculte_" title="vunculte ">vunculte is tht occurs between n uncle nd his niece or between n unt nd her nephew Such s re illegl most countries due to cest restrictions However smll number of countries hve leglized it cludg rgent ustrli ustri < href="/wiki/Mlysi" title="Mlysi">Mlysi,< href="#cite_note-73">[73] nd < href="/wiki/Russi" title="Russi">Russi.< href="#cite_note-74">[74] S noted bove severl kds of sme-sex non-sexul s exist some lege-bsed societies This section reltes to sme-sex sexul unions Some cultures clude < href="/wiki/Third_gender" title="Third gender">third gender (< href="/wiki/Two-Spirit" clss="mw-redirect" title="Two-Spirit">two-spirit or trnsgender) dividuls such s the < href="/wiki/Two-Spirit" clss="mw-redirect" title="Two-Spirit">berdche of the < href="/wiki/Zuni" title="Zuni">Zuni New Mexico < href="/wiki/We%27wh" title="We'wh">We'wh one of the most revered Zuni elders (n Ihmn spiritul leder) served s n emissry of the Zuni to Wshgton where he met President < href="/wiki/Grover_Clevelnd" title="Grover Clevelnd">Grover Clevelnd We'wh hd who ws generlly recognized s such.< href="#cite_note-45">[45] < href="/wiki/Islm" title="Islm">Islm lso comds with the ge of beg whenever the dividuls feel redy fncilly nd emotionlly Islm < href="/wiki/Polygyny" title="Polygyny">polygyny is llowed while < href="/wiki/Polyndry" title="Polyndry">polyndry is not with the specific < href="/wiki/Polygmy__Islm" clss="mw-redirect" title="Polygmy Islm">limittion tht mn cn hve no more thn four legl wives t ny one time nd n unlimited number of < href="/wiki/Islmic_views_on_slvery#Concubge" title="Islmic views on slvery">femle slves s < href="/wiki/Concubge" title="Concubge">concubes with the requiret tht the mn is ble nd willg to prtition his time nd welth eqully mong the respective wives. The US studies hve shown tht despite eglitr idels beg common less thn hlf of respondents viewed their opposite-sex s s equl power with unequl s beg more commonly domted by the mle prtner.< href="#cite_note-Sprecher-143">[138] Studies lso show tht mrried couples fd the highest level of stisfction eglitr s nd lowest levels of stisfction wife domte s.< href="#cite_note-Sprecher-143">[138] recent yers eglitr or < href="/wiki/Shred_erng/shred_prentg_" title="Shred erng/shred prentg ">Peer s hve been receivg cresg focus nd ttention politiclly economiclly nd culturlly number of countries cludg the United Sttes. Zeitzen lso notes tht Western perceptions of fricn society nd ptterns re bised by "contrdictory concerns of nostlgi for trditionl fricn culture versus critique of polygmy s oppressive to wo or detritl to developt."< href="#cite_note-Zeitzen_2008_5-24">[24] Polygmy hs been condemned s beg form of humn rights buse with concerns risg over domestic buse forced nd neglect The vst mjority of the world's countries cludg virtully ll of the world's developed ntions do not permit polygmy There hve been clls for the bolition of polygmy developg countries. < href="/wiki/Polyndry" title="Polyndry">Polyndry is notbly more rre thn polygyny though less rre thn the figure commonly cited the Ethnogrphic tls (1980) which listed only those polyndrous societies found the Himlyn Mounts More recent studies hve found 53 societies outside the 28 found the Himlyns which prctice polyndry.< href="#cite_note-30">[30] It is most common eglitr societies mrked by high mle mortlity or mle bsenteeism It is ssocited with prtible pternity the culturl belief tht child cn hve more thn one fther.< href="#cite_note-31">[31] There is wide cross-culturl vrition the socil rules governg the selection of prtner for There is vrition the degree to which prtner selection is n dividul decision by the prtners or collective decision by the prtners' k groups nd there is vrition the rules regultg which prtners re vlid choices The United Ntions World Fertility Report of 2003 reports tht 89% of ll people get mrried before ge forty-ne.< href="#cite_note-UnitedNtions,2004-58">[58] The percent of wo nd who mrry before ge forty-ne drops to nerly 50% some ntions nd reches ner 100% other ntions.< href="#cite_note-UnitedNtions,2000-59">[59] Englnd nd Wles sce 1837 civil s hve been recognized s legl lterntive to church s under the < href="/wiki/_ct_1836" title=" ct 1836"> ct 1836 Germny civil s were recognized 1875 This lw permitted declrtion of the before n officil clerk of the civil dmistrtion when both spouses ffirm their will to mrry to constitute leglly recognized vlid nd effective nd llowed n optionl privte clericl ceremony. Throughout history nd still tody mny countries lws hve provided for < href="/wiki/Extenutg_circumstnces" title="Extenutg circumstnces">extenutg circumstnces prtil or complete defenses for who killed their wives due to dultery with such cts often beg seen s < href="/wiki/Crime_of_pssion" title="Crime of pssion">crimes of pssion nd beg covered by legl defenses such s < href="/wiki/Provoction_(legl)" title="Provoction (legl)">provoction or defense of < href="/wiki/Honor_killg" title="Honor killg">fmily honor.< href="#cite_note-192">[187] N nlysis of mong the Nyr polyndrous society di Gough found tht the group lcked role the conventionl sense; tht unitry role the west ws divided between non-resident "socil fther" of the womn's children nd her lovers who were the ctul procretors None of these hd legl rights to the womn's child This forced Gough to disregrd sexul ccess s key elet of nd to defe it terms of legitimcy of offsprg lone: is " estblished between womn nd one or more other persons which provides child born to the womn under circumstnces not prohibited by the rules of is ccorded full birth-sttus rights common to norml members of his society or socil strtum."< href="#cite_note-13">[13] Mny countries tody ech prtner hs the choice of keepg his or her property < href="/wiki/Community_property" title="Community property">seprte or combg properties the ltter cse clled < href="/wiki/Community_property" title="Community property">community property when the ends by divorce ech owns hlf lieu of < href="/wiki/Will_nd_testt" title="Will nd testt">will or < href="/wiki/Trust_lw" title="Trust lw">trust property owned by the decesed generlly is herited by the survivg spouse. Your emil ddress will not be published Required fields. Child is where one or both spouses re under the ge of 18.< href="#cite_note-Child_-35">[35]< href="#cite_note-36">[36] It is relted to child < href="/wiki/Engget#Betrothl" title="Engget">betrothl nd < href="/wiki/Teenge_pregnncy" title="Teenge pregnncy">teenge pregnncy. Polygyny usully grnts wives equl sttus lthough the my hve personl preferences One type of de fcto polygyny is < href="/wiki/Concubge" title="Concubge">concubge where only one womn gets wife's rights nd sttus while other wo rem legl house mistresses. N bsolute submission of wife to her is ccepted s nturl mny prts of the world for stnce surveys by UNICEF hve shown tht the percentge of wo ged 15–49 who thk tht is justified hittg or betg his wife under cert circumstnces is s high s 90% fghnistn nd Jordn 87% Mli 86% Gue nd Timor-Leste 81% Los 80% Centrl fricn Republic.< href="#cite_note-190">[185] Detiled results from fghnistn show tht 78.4% of wo gree with betg if the wife "goes out without tellg him [the ]" nd 76.2% gree "if she rgues with him".< href="#cite_note-191">[186] Religious groups hve differg views on the legitimcy of < href="/wiki/Polygyny" title="Polygyny">polygyny It is llowed < href="/wiki/Islm" title="Islm">Islm nd < href="/wiki/Confucism" title="Confucism">Confucism < href="/wiki/Judism" title="Judism">Judism nd < href="/wiki/Christity" title="Christity">Christity hve tioned prctices volvg polygyny the pst however outright religious cceptnce of such prctices ws not ddressed until its rejection lter pssges They do explicitly prohibit polygyny tody. Religions develop specific geogrphic nd socil milieux.< href="#cite_note-217">[212] Unsurprisgly religious ttitudes nd prctices reltg to cn vry The precepts of mstrem religions clude s rule unequivocl prescriptions for estblishg both rituls nd rules of conduct.[< href="/wiki/Wikipedi:Cittion_needed" title="Wikipedi:Cittion needed">cittion needed] The fncil spects of vry between cultures nd hve chnged over time some cultures dowries nd bridewelth contue to be required tody both cses the fncil rrngets re usully mde between the groom (or his fmily) nd the bride's fmily; with the bride often not beg volved the negotitions nd often not hvg choice whether to prticipte the < href="/wiki/Erly_modern_Brit" title="Erly modern Brit">Erly modern Brit the socil sttus of the couple ws supposed to be equl fter the ll the property (clled "fortune") nd expected heritnces of the wife belonged. There hs been trend towrd the < href="/wiki/Neolocl_residence" title="Neolocl residence">neolocl residence western societies.< href="#cite_note-98">[98] Durg the first hlf of the 20th century unmrried wo some Western countries were coerced by uthorities to give their children up for < href="/wiki/doption" title="doption">doption This ws especilly the cse ustrli through the < href="/wiki/Forced_doption__ustrli" title="Forced doption ustrli">forced doptions ustrli with most of these doptions tkg plce between the 1950s nd the 1970s 2013 < href="/wiki/Juli_Gillrd" title="Juli Gillrd">Juli Gillrd then Prime Mister of ustrli offered ntionl pology to those ffected by the forced doptions.< href="#cite_note-213">[208]< href="#cite_note-214">[209] S prt of the < href="/wiki/Reformtion" title="Reformtion">Protestnt Reformtion the role of recordg s nd settg the rules for pssed to the stte reflectg < href="/wiki/Mrt_Luther" title="Mrt Luther">Mrt Luther's view tht ws "worldly thg".< href="#cite_note-325">[320] By the 17th century mny of the < href="/wiki/Protestntism" title="Protestntism">Protestnt Europen countries hd stte volvet Englnd under the nglicn Church by consent nd cohbittion ws vlid until the pssge of < href="/wiki/_ct_1753" title=" ct 1753">Lord Hrdwicke's ct 1753 This ct stituted cert requirets for cludg the performnce of religious ceremony observed by witnesses.< href="#cite_note-WestLw-326">[321] S prt of the < href="/wiki/Counter-Reformtion" title="Counter-Reformtion">Counter-Reformtion 1563 the < href="/wiki/Council_of_Trent" title="Council of Trent">Council of Trent decreed tht < href="/wiki/Ctholic_Church" title="Ctholic Church">Romn Ctholic would be recognized only if the ceremony ws officited by priest with two witnesses The Council lso uthorized < href="/wiki/Ctechism" title="Ctechism">Ctechism issued 1566 which defed s "The conjugl union of mn nd womn contrcted between two qulified persons which obliges them to live together throughout life."< href="#cite_note-Witte-219">[214] It is possible for two people to be recognised s mrried by religious or other stitution but not by the stte nd hence without the legl rights nd obligtions of ; or to hve civil deemed vlid nd sful by religion Similrly couple my rem mrried religious eyes fter civil divorce. < href="/wiki/Dowry" title="Dowry">dowry is " process whereby prentl property is distributed to dughter t her (i.e ter vivos) rther thn t the holder's deth (mortis cus)… dowry estblishes some vriety of conjugl fund the nture of which my vry widely This fund ensures her support (or endowt) widowhood nd eventully goes to provide for her sons nd dughters."< href="#cite_note-84">[84] The Christ Church performed s the < href="/wiki/Nrthex" title="Nrthex">nrthex of the church prior to the 16th century when the emphsis ws on the mritl contrct nd betrothl Subsequently the ceremony moved side the < href="/wiki/Scristy" title="Scristy">scristy of the church.< href="#cite_note-monger-222">[217]< href="#cite_note-225">[220] Other cultures with less strict rules governg the groups from which prtner cn be chosen the selection of prtner my volve either the couple gog through selection process of < href="/wiki/Courtship" title="Courtship">courtship or the my be < href="/wiki/rrnged_" title="rrnged ">rrnged by the couple's prents or n outside prty < href="/wiki/Mtchmkg" title="Mtchmkg">mtchmker. From the < href="/wiki/Erly_Christity" title="Erly Christity">erly Christ er (30 to 325 CE) ws thought of s primrily privte mtter with no uniform religious or other ceremony beg required.< href="#cite_note-301">[296] However bishop < href="/wiki/Igntius_of_ntioch" title="Igntius of ntioch">Igntius of ntioch writg round 110 to bishop < href="/wiki/Polycrp" title="Polycrp">Polycrp of Smyrn exhorts "[I]t becomes both nd wo who mrry to form their union with the pprovl of the bishop tht their my be ccordg to God nd not fter their own lust."< href="#cite_note-302">[297] Religion hs commonly weighed on the mtter of which reltives if ny re llowed to mrry Reltions my be by < href="/wiki/Consnguity" title="Consnguity">consnguity or < href="/wiki/ffity_(lw)" title="ffity (lw)">ffity g by blood or by On the of couss < href="/wiki/Ctholicism" clss="mw-redirect" title="Ctholicism">Ctholic policy hs evolved from itil cceptnce through long period of generl prohibition to the contemporry requiret for dispenstion.< href="#cite_note-75">[75] < href="/wiki/Islm" title="Islm">Islm hs lwys llowed it while < href="/wiki/Hdu_texts" title="Hdu texts">Hdu texts vry widely.< href="#cite_note-76">[76]< href="#cite_note-disocilstructure-77">[77] To prohibit cest nd eugenic resons lws hve set restrictions for reltives to mrry Direct blood reltives re usully prohibited to mrry while for brnch le reltives lws. Some people to mrry person with higher or lower sttus thn them Others to mrry people who hve similr sttus mny societies wo mrry who re of higher socil sttus.< href="#cite_note-60">[60] There re s where ech prty hs sought prtner of similr sttus There re other s which the mn is older thn the womn.< href="#cite_note-61">[61] The < href="/wiki/Erly_modern_period" title="Erly modern period">erly modern period < href="/wiki/John_Clv" title="John Clv">John Clv nd his < href="/wiki/Protestntism" title="Protestntism">Protestnt collegues reformulted Christ by enctg the Ordnce of Genev which imposed "The dul requirets of stte registrtion nd church consecrtion to constitute "< href="#cite_note-Witte-219">[214] for recognition. From n Islmic (< href="/wiki/Shri" title="Shri">Shri) lw perspective the mimum requirets nd responsibilities Muslim re tht the groom provide livg expenses (housg clothg food mtennce) to the bride nd return the bride's m responsibility is risg children to be proper Muslims ll other rights nd responsibilities re to be decided between the nd wife nd my even be cluded s stipultions the contrct before the ctully tkes plce so long s they do not go gst the mimum requirets. The more drwn out explntion of your is lookg for out of your follows tht theme but I will give some more specifics The cliché goes somethg long the les of “ mrry womn hopg she will never chnge nd wo mrry mn hopg to chnge him.” The relity is tht everyone chnges some cpcity but it isn’t exctly how we tended generl 90% of your s need four thgs out of your : sex cheerleder (red emotionl support) tolernce for his hobbies nd keep lid on the criticism When you were dtg you most likely btted bove verge ll of these ctegories but fter I’m bettg your on bse percentge slipped bit. This ws gret rticle! I lwys pprecite when give their perspective My dd lwys repeted tht le bout “ mrry womn hopg she will never chnge nd wo mrry mn hopg to chnge him.” It’s so true but it shouldn’t be. Some critics object to they see s < href="/wiki/Propgnd" title="Propgnd">propgnd reltion to – from the governt religious orgniztions the medi – which ggressively promote s solution for ll socil problems; such propgnd cludes for stnce < href="/wiki/_promotion" title=" promotion"> promotion schools where children especilly < href="/wiki/Girl" title="Girl">girls re bombrded with positive formtion bout beg presented only with the formtion prepred by uthorities.< href="#cite_note-138">[133]< href="#cite_note-139">[134] Sikh the couple wlks round the < href="/wiki/Guru_Grnth_Shib" title="Guru Grnth Shib">Guru Grnth Shib holy book four times nd holy mn recites from it the < href="/wiki/Kirtn" title="Kirtn">kirtn style The ceremony is known s '< href="/wiki/nnd_Krj" title="nnd Krj">nnd Krj' nd represents the holy union of two souls united s one Wicc Wiccn s re commonly known s hndfstgs lthough hndfstgs vry for ech Wiccn they often volve honorg Wiccn gods Sex is considered pious nd scred ctivity.< href="#cite_note-263">[258] Very well written I’m sure mny s cn relte to this t times it felt like my wife hd pulled “bit nd switch” fter few yers of I wondered ever hppened to tht wonderful womn I dted nd fell love with.I’m curious to her from wo cuses the president of their fce’s fn club to become their ’s hrshest nd most unrelentg critic. The history of is often considered under < href="/wiki/History_of_the_fmily" title="History of the fmily">History of the fmily or legl history.< href="#cite_note-273">[268] ncient world ncient Ner Est Mny cultures hve legends concerng the origs of The wy which is conducted nd its rules nd rmifictions hs chnged over time s hs the stitution itself dependg on the culture or demogrphic of the time.< href="#cite_note-274">[269] 12Th-Century Europe wo took the surnme of their s nd strtg the second hlf of the 16th century prentl consent long with the church's consent ws required for < href="#cite_note-those_terrible_middle_ges-303">[298] S re clssified ccordg to the number of legl spouses n dividul hs The suffix "-gmy" refers specificlly to the number of spouses s < href="/wiki/Bigmy" title="Bigmy">bi-gmy (two spouses generlly illegl most ntions) nd poly-gmy (more thn one spouse). The < href="/wiki/Ctholic_Church" title="Ctholic Church">Romn Ctholic trdition of the 12th nd 13th centuries defed s < href="/wiki/Scrt" title="Scrt">scrt orded by God,< href="#cite_note-Witte-219">[214] signifyg the mysticl of Christ to his Church.< href="#cite_note-229">[224] The mtrimonil covennt by which mn nd womn estblish between themselves prtnership of the whole of life is by its nture ordered towrd the good of the spouses nd the procretion nd eduction of offsprg; this covennt between bptized persons hs been rised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of scrt.< href="#cite_note-230">[225] Is n stitution tht is historiclly filled with restrictions From ge to rce to socil sttus to < href="/wiki/Consnguity" title="Consnguity">consnguity to gender restrictions re plced on by society for resons of benefitg the children pssg on helthy genes mtg culturl vlues or becuse of < href="/wiki/Prejudice" title="Prejudice">prejudice nd < href="/wiki/Fer" title="Fer">fer lmost ll cultures tht recognize lso recognize < href="/wiki/dultery" title="dultery">dultery s violtion of the terms of < href="#cite_note-Encyclopædi_Britnnic_dultery-102">[102] Some societies rngg from < href="/wiki/Centrl_si" title="Centrl si">Centrl si to the < href="/wiki/Cucsus" title="Cucsus">Cucsus to fric the custom of < href="/wiki/Bride_kidnppg" title="Bride kidnppg">bride kidnppg still exists which womn is cptured by mn nd his friends Sometimes this covers n < href="/wiki/Elopet" title="Elopet">elopet but sometimes it depends on < href="/wiki/Sexul_violence" title="Sexul violence">sexul violence previous times < href="/wiki/Rptio" title="Rptio">rptio ws lrger-scle version of this with groups of wo cptured by groups of sometimes wr; the most fmous exmple is < href="/wiki/The_Rpe_of_the_Sbe_Wo" title="The Rpe of the Sbe Wo">The Rpe of the Sbe Wo which provided the first citizens of Rome with. The countries which do not permit polygmy person who mrries one of those countries person while still beg lwfully mrried to nother commits the crime of < href="/wiki/Bigmy" title="Bigmy">bigmy ll cses the second is considered leglly null nd void Besides the second nd subsequent s beg void the bigmist is lso lible to other penlties which lso vry between jurisdictions. The explntion for polyndry the Himlyn Mounts is relted to the scrcity of lnd; the of ll brothers fmily to the sme wife (frternl polyndry) llows fmily lnd to rem tct nd undivided If every brother mrried seprtely nd hd children fmily lnd would be split to unsustble smll plots Europe this ws prevented through the socil prctice of imprtible heritnce (the dis-heritg of most siblgs some of whom went on to become celibte monks nd priests).< href="#cite_note-32">[32] For Muslim weddg to tke plce the bridegroom nd the gurd of the bride (< href="/wiki/Wli" title="Wli">wli) must both gree on the Should the gurd disgree on the it my not leglly tke plce If the wli of the girl her fther or pternl grndfther he hs the right to force her to even gst her proclimed will if it is her first gurd who is llowed to force the bride to is clled < href="/wiki/__Islm#Conditions" title=" Islm">wli mujbir.< href="#cite_note-249">[244] Direct Dowry contrsts with < href="/wiki/Bride_price" title="Bride price">bridewelth which is pid by the groom or his fmily to the bride's prents nd with direct dowry (or < href="/wiki/Dower" title="Dower">dower) which is property given to the bride herself by the groom t the time of nd which rems under her ownership nd control.< href="#cite_note-89">[89] These rights nd obligtions vry considerbly between societies nd between groups with society.< href="#cite_note-99">[99] These might clude rrnged s fmily obligtions the legl estblisht of < href="/wiki/Nucler_fmily" title="Nucler fmily">nucler fmily unit the legl protection of children nd public declrtion of < href="/wiki/Promise" title="Promise">committ.< href="#cite_note-100">[100]< href="#cite_note-101">[101] < href="/wiki/Shi_Islm" title="Shi Islm">Shi Islm my tke plce without the presence of witnesses s is often the cse temporry < href="/wiki/Nikh_mut%E2%80%98h" clss="mw-redirect" title="Nikh mut‘h">Nikh mut‘h (prohibited Sunni Islm) but with the consent of both the bride nd the groom Followg the they my consummte their < href="#cite_note-254">[249] Economic nthropologist < href="/wiki/Durn_Bell" title="Durn Bell">Durn Bell hs criticized the legitimcy-bsed defition on the bsis tht some societies do not require for legitimcy He rgued tht legitimcy-bsed defition of is circulr societies where illegitimcy hs no other legl or socil implictions for child other thn the mother beg unmrried.< href="#cite_note-Bell-7">[7]

Unble to disply Fcebook posts.< href="jvscript:void(0);" id="cff-show-error" onclick="cffShowError()">Show errorfunction cffShowError(){ tById("cff-error-reson"). ="block"; tById("cff-show-error"). ="none";} Child s cn lso occur the context of < href="/wiki/Bride_kidnppg" title="Bride kidnppg">bride kidnppg.< href="#cite_note- .uk-39">[39] the yer 1552 CE John Somerford nd Jne Somerford Brereton were both mrried t the ges of 3 nd 2 respectively Twelve yers lter 1564 John filed for divorce.< href="#cite_note-womn-compendium-42">[42]< href="#cite_note-fqs-oc-43">[43] Nthropologist < href="/wiki/Jck_Goody" title="Jck Goody">Jck Goody's comprtive study of round the world utilizg the < href="/wiki/Humn_Reltions_re_Files" title="Humn Reltions re Files">Ethnogrphic tls found strong correltion between tensive plough griculture dowry nd monogmy This pttern ws found brod swth of Eurs societies from Jpn to Irelnd The mjority of Sub-Shrn fricn societies tht prctice extensive hoe griculture contrst show correltion between "< href="/wiki/Bride_price" title="Bride price">bride price" nd polygmy.< href="#cite_note-Goody_1976_7-16">[16] further study drwg on the Ethnogrphic tls showed sttisticl correltion between cresg size of the society the belief "high gods" to support humn morlity nd monogmy.< href="#cite_note-17">[17] Your Nme (required) Your Emil (required) Your Messge This blog is not tended s medicl dvice or dignosis nd should no wy replce consulttion with medicl professionl If you try this dvice nd it does not work for you you cnnot sue me This is only my opion bsed on my bckground trg nd experience s therpist nd personFcebook. Sttutory right of two mrried prtners to mutully consent to divorce ws encted western ntions the mid-20th century the United Sttes < href="/wiki/No-fult_divorce" title="No-fult divorce">no-fult divorce ws first encted Cliforni 1969 nd the fl stte to leglize it ws New York 1989.< href="#cite_note-270">[265] bout 45% of s Brit< href="#cite_note-271">[266] nd ccordg to 2009 study 46% of s the < href="/wiki/United_Sttes" title="United Sttes">U.S.< href="#cite_note-272">[267] end divorce. The Nzi bn on terrcil nd terrcil sex ws encted September 1935 s prt of the < href="/wiki/Nuremberg_Lws" title="Nuremberg Lws">Nuremberg Lws the Gesetz zum Schutze des deutschen Blutes und der deutschen Ehre (The Lw for the Protection of Germn Blood nd Germn Honour) The Nuremberg Lws clssified < href="/wiki/Judism" title="Judism">Jews s rce nd forbde nd extrmritl sexul reltions t first with people of Jewish descent but ws lter ended to the "Gypsies Negroes or their bstrd offsprg" nd people of "Germn or relted blood".< href="#cite_note-Burleigh1991-110">[110] Such reltions were mrked s < href="/wiki/Rssenschnde" title="Rssenschnde">Rssenschnde (lit "rce-disgrce") nd could be punished by imprisont (usully followed by deporttion to concentrtion cmp) nd even. Ccordg to some estimtes there wsn't even 1% of divorce mong Hdu rrnged s.< href="#cite_note-262">[257] Buddhism M rticle: < href="/wiki/Buddhist_view_of_" title="Buddhist view of ">Buddhist view of The Buddhist view of considers seculr ffir nd thus not < href="/wiki/Scrt" title="Scrt">scrt Buddhists re expected to follow the civil lws regrdg lid out by their respective governts Gutm Buddh beg < href="/wiki/Kshtriy" title="Kshtriy">kshtriy ws required by Shkyn trdition to pss series of tests to prove himself s wrrior before he ws llowed. Troduction of sme-sex lws hs vried by jurisdiction beg vriously ccomplished through legisltive chnge to lws court rulg bsed on constitutionl gurntees of equlity or by direct populr vote (vi n < href="/wiki/ititive" title="ititive">ititive or < href="/wiki/Referendum" title="Referendum">referendum) The recognition of sme-sex is politicl socil civil rights nd religious issue mny ntions nd debtes contue to rise over whether sme-sex couples should be llowed be required to hold different sttus ( < href="/wiki/Civil_union" title="Civil union">civil union) or be denied recognition of such rights llowg sme-gender couples to leglly mrry is considered to be one of the most importnt of ll < href="/wiki/LGBT_rights_by_country_or_territory" title="LGBT rights by country or territory">LGBT rights. The 1975 Europen Convention on the Legl Sttus of Children Born out of Wedlock protects the rights of children born to unmrried prents.< href="#cite_note-203">[198] The convention sttes mong others tht: "The fther nd mother of child born out of wedlock shll hve the sme obligtion to mt the child s if it were born wedlock" nd tht " child born out of wedlock shll hve the sme right of succession the estte of its fther nd its mother nd of member of its fther's or mother's fmily s if it hd been born wedlock."< href="#cite_note-204">[199] While most Western countries legl equlities between children born side nd outside hve lrgely been bolished this is not the cse some prts of. People hve proposed rguts gst for resons tht clude politicl philosophicl nd religious criticisms; concerns bout the < href="/wiki/Divorce_demogrphy" title="Divorce demogrphy">divorce rte; dividul liberty nd gender equlity; questiong the necessity of hvg personl snctioned by governt or religious uthorities; or the promotion of < href="/wiki/Celibcy" title="Celibcy">celibcy for religious or philosophicl resons. Seril monogmy cretes new kd of reltive the "ex-" The "ex-wife" for exmple rems n ctive prt of her "ex-'s" or "ex-wife's" life s they my be tied together by trnsfers of resources (limony child support) or shred child custody Bob Simpson notes tht the British cse seril monogmy cretes n "extended fmily" – number of households tied together this wy cludg mobile children (possible exes my clude n ex-wife n ex-brother--lw etc but not n "ex-child") These "uncler fmilies" do not fit the mould of the monogmous < href="/wiki/Nucler_fmily" title="Nucler fmily">nucler fmily s series of connected households they come to resemble the polygynous model of seprte households mted by mothers with children tied by mle to whom they re mrried or divorced.< href="#cite_note-19">[19] When the rtes pplied by the tx code re not bsed come vergg but rther on the sum of dividuls' comes higher rtes will usully pply to ech dividul two-erner households progressive tx systems This is most often the cse with high-come txpyers nd is nother sitution clled penlty.< href="#cite_note-91">[91] Lthough society my be clssified s polygynous not ll s it necessrily re; monogmous s my fct predomte It is to this flexibility tht nthropologist < href="/wiki/Rob_Fox" title="Rob Fox">Rob Fox ttributes its success s socil support system: "This hs often t – given the imblnce the sex rtios the higher mle fnt mortlity the shorter life spn of mles the loss of mles wrtime etc – tht often wo were left without fncil support from s To correct this condition femles hd to be killed t birth rem sgle become prostitutes or be siphoned off to celibte religious orders Polygynous systems hve the dvntge tht they cn promise s did the Mormons home nd fmily for every womn."< href="#cite_note-25">[25] Criticism is the cncer tht kills s for Wtch other guys wce when you strt criticizg your public For mny couples hd the guy received the mount of criticism he got fter gettg mrried he wouldn’t hve chosen her the first plce I’m not exctly sure hppened for us to fd this socilly cceptble but if you were his girlfriend his friends would mke fun of him s his wife his friends will just void you (nd him) On the blog comts I see people refer to this s emotionl buse when the mn does it to the womn How do you your son’s wife to tret him one dy? You hve choice how you spek to the most importnt person your should you tke wy? Your chose you for reson; hs nythg devited from tht? If you found yourself sgle g would you ct the sme wy with new boyfriend s you do with your ?_____ Contemporry < href="/wiki/English_lw" title="English lw">English common lw is voluntry < href="/wiki/Contrct" title="Contrct">contrct by mn nd womn which by greet they choose to become nd wife.< href="#cite_note-329">[324] Edvrd Westermrck proposed tht "the stitution of hs probbly developed out of primevl hbit".< href="#cite_note-330">[325] s of 2000 the verge ge rnge ws 25–44 yers for nd 22–39 yers. Smll number of jurisdictions s my be creted by the opertion of the lw lone.[< href="/wiki/Wikipedi:Cittion_needed" title="Wikipedi:Cittion needed">cittion needed] Unlike the typicl < href="/wiki/Ceremonil_" title="Ceremonil ">ceremonil with legl contrct weddg ceremony nd other detils < href="/wiki/Common-lw_" title="Common-lw ">common-lw my be clled " by hbit nd repute (cohbittion)." de fcto common-lw without license or ceremony is leglly bdg some jurisdictions but hs no legl consequence others.< href="#cite_note-Nolo-127">[122] Sce wife ws regrded s property her ws origlly free to divorce her for ny reson t ny time.< href="#cite_note-CheynendBlckMr-260">[255] Divorcg womn gst her will ws lso bnned by < href="/wiki/Gershom_ben_Judh" title="Gershom ben Judh">Gershom ben Judh divorced couple were permitted to get bck together unless the wife hd mrried someone else fter her divorce.< rel="nofollow" clss="externl text" href=" /pssge/?serch=Deut+24%32%E2%80%934∓version=NRSV">[Deut 24:2–4] While child is observed for both boys nd girls the overwhelmg mjority of child spouses re girls.< href="#cite_note-44">[44] mny cses only one -prtner is child usully the femle due to the importnce plced upon femle < href="/wiki/Virgity" title="Virgity">virgity.< href="#cite_note- .uk-39">[39] Cuses of child clude < href="/wiki/Poverty" title="Poverty">poverty < href="/wiki/Bride_price" title="Bride price">bride price < href="/wiki/Dowry" title="Dowry">dowry lws tht llow child s < href="/wiki/Religion" title="Religion">religious nd < href="/wiki/Peer_pressure" title="Peer pressure">socil pressures regionl customs fer of remg unmrried nd perceived bility of wo to work. Polygyny is widely prcticed mostly < href="/wiki/Muslim" title="Muslim">Muslim nd fricn countries.< href="#cite_note-118">[113]< href="#cite_note-119">[114] the Middle Estern region Isrel Turkey nd < href="/wiki/Polygmy__Tunisi" title="Polygmy Tunisi">Tunisi re notble exceptions.< href="#cite_note-120">[115] most other jurisdictions polygmy is illegl For exmple the United Sttes polygmy is illegl ll < href="/wiki/List_of_sttes_nd_territories_of_the_United_Sttes" title="List of sttes nd territories of the United Sttes">50 sttes.< href="#cite_note-quietly-121">[116] The ge of ws not bsolute however s child s occurred throughout the < href="/wiki/Middle_ges" title="Middle ges">Middle ges nd lter with just some of. I sked mle reder to tke us to the mle md nd nswer the question “ do relly from ?” He did bng-up job nd here it is honor of Fther’s Dy!< href=" /wp-content/uplods/2016/06/couple- "> Then the Lord God mde womn from the rib he hd tken out of the mn nd he brought her to the mn The mn sid "This is now bone of my bones nd flesh of my flesh; she shll be clled 'womn' for she ws tken out of mn." For this reson mn will leve his fther nd mother nd be united to his wife nd they will become one flesh.< rel="nofollow" clss="externl text" href=" /pssge/?serch=Genesis+2%322%E2%80%9324∓version=TNIV">[Genesis 2:22–24] So they re no longer two but one Therefore God hs joed together let mn not seprte. When you were < href=" /2014/07/17/differences-between-girlfriends-nd-wives/" trget="_blnk">dtg you were your boyfriend’s cheerleder you joed him his successes treted him like the cpt of the footbll tem (or debte tem……ever your cup of te is) You told him how wesome he ws you found his bility to mke beer his dorm room n diction of how cretive nd smrt he ws When he found success whether it ws sports pssg chemistry gettg the big promotion to brtender; you were the first rms tht he rn to to celebrte Do you still do tht? Do you still thk he’s smrt nd cretive hve you shown tht to him. Thnk you for tht wesome guest post nonymous mle reder! Leve him your comts below nd shre if you found this helpful or terestg! Red more bout how to mke your hppy < href=" /2014/09/24/5-wys-mke--hppy-cludg-sex-know-know-reder-requested/" trget="_blnk">here Till we meet g I rem The Blogpist Who Sys sk Your If This Is How He Feels.———– Order Dr Rodmn’s newest book < href= /2oICxoD” trget=”blnk” />52 Emils to Trnsform Your nd order her first book: < href=" /2oD1Wmr" trget="blnk" />How to Tlk to Your Kids bout Your Divorce: Helthy Effective Communiction Techniques for Your. Prgmtic (or 'rrnged') is mde esier by forml procedures of fmily or group politics responsible uthority sets up or encourges the ; they my deed engge professionl < href="/wiki/Mtchmkg" title="Mtchmkg">mtchmker to fd suitble spouse for n unmrried person The uthority figure could be prents fmily religious officil or group consensus some cses the uthority figure my choose mtch for purposes other thn mritl hrmony.[< href="/wiki/Wikipedi:Cittion_needed" title="Wikipedi:Cittion needed">cittion needed] Lws bnng "rce-mixg" were enforced cert North mericn jurisdictions from 1691< href="#cite_note-Frnk_W_Sweet-105">[105] until 1967 < href="/wiki/Nzi_Germny" title="Nzi Germny">Nzi Germny (The < href="/wiki/Nuremberg_Lws" title="Nuremberg Lws">Nuremberg Lws) from 1935 until 1945 nd South fric durg most prt of the < href="/wiki/prtheid" title="prtheid">prtheid er (1949–1985) ll these lws primrily bnned between persons of different rcilly or ethniclly defed groups which ws termed "mlgmtion" or "miscegention" the U.S The lws Nzi Germny nd mny of the U.S sttes s well s South fric lso bnned sexul reltions between such dividuls. The < href="/wiki/Bh%C3%1%27%C3%D_Fith" title="Bhá'í Fith">Bhá'í Fith encourges nd views it s mutully strengtheng bond but it is not obligtory < href="/wiki/Bh%C3%1%27%C3%D_" title="Bhá'í ">Bhá'í requires the couple to choose ech other nd then obt the consent of ll livg prents.< href="#cite_note-oneworld-218">[213] The nthropologicl hndbook Notes nd Queries (1951) defed s " union between mn nd womn such tht children born to the womn re the recognized legitimte offsprg of both prtners."< href="#cite_note-Notes-11">[11] recognition of prctice by the < href="/wiki/Nuer_people" title="Nuer people">Nuer people of Sudn llowg wo to ct s cert circumstnces (the < href="/wiki/Ghost__(Sudnese)" title="Ghost (Sudnese)">ghost ) < href="/wiki/Kthleen_Gough" title="Kthleen Gough">Kthleen Gough suggested modifyg this to " womn nd one or more other persons."< href="#cite_note-Gough-12">[12] Most societies the deth of one of the prtners termtes the nd monogmous societies this llows the other prtner to remrry though sometimes fter witg or mourng period some societies cn be < href="/wiki/nnult" title="nnult">nnulled when n uthority declres tht never hppened Jurisdictions often hve provisions for < href="/wiki/Void_" title="Void ">void s or < href="/wiki/Voidble_" title="Voidble ">voidble s. < href="/wiki/Edmund_Lech" title="Edmund Lech">Edmund Lech criticized Gough's defition for beg too restrictive terms of recognized legitimte offsprg nd suggested tht be viewed terms of the different types of rights it serves to estblish 1955 rticle < href="/wiki/Journl_of_the_Royl_nthropologicl_stitute" title="Journl of the Royl nthropologicl stitute">Mn Lech rgued tht no one defition of pplied to ll cultures He offered list of ten rights ssocited with cludg sexul monopoly nd rights with respect to children with specific rights differg cross cultures Those rights ccordg to Lech cluded: Mong ncient Hebrews ws domestic ffir nd not religious ceremony; the prticiption of priest or rbbi ws not required.< href="#cite_note-259">[254] Monogmy is form of which n dividul hs only one spouse durg their lifetime or t ny one time (seril monogmy).

Polygmy is which cludes more thn two prtners.< href="#cite_note-Zeitzen-20">[20] When mn is mrried to more thn one wife t time the is clled < href="/wiki/Polygyny" title="Polygyny">polygyny nd there is no bond between the wives; nd when womn is mrried to more thn one t time it is clled < href="/wiki/Polyndry" title="Polyndry">polyndry nd there is no bond between the s If cludes multiple s nd/or wives it cn be clled < href="/wiki/Group_" title="Group ">group < href="#cite_note-Zeitzen-20">[20] Like other close s exerts considerble fluence on < href="/wiki/Helth" title="Helth">helth.< href="#cite_note-Robles2013-264">[259] Mrried people experience lower < href="/wiki/Morbidity" clss="mw-redirect" title="Morbidity">morbidity nd mortlity cross such diverse helth threts s < href="/wiki/Cncer" title="Cncer">cncer < href="/wiki/Myocrdil_frction" title="Myocrdil frction">hert ttcks nd < href="/wiki/Surgery" title="Surgery">surgery.< href="#cite_note-KiecoltGlser2001-265">[260] Reserch on nd helth is prt of the broder study of the benefits of. Sofr s regulr s followg prescriptive rules occur leges re lked together fixed s; these ties between leges my form politicl llces kship domted societies.< href="#cite_note-79">[79] French < href="/wiki/Structurl_functionlism" title="Structurl functionlism">structurl nthropologist < href="/wiki/Clude_L%C3%9vi-Struss" title="Clude Lévi-Struss">Clude Lévi-Struss developed < href="/wiki/llce_theory" title="llce theory">llce theory to ccount for the "eletry" kship structures creted by the limited number of prescriptive rules possible.< href="#cite_note-80">[80] < href="/wiki/nthropologist" title="nthropologist">nthropologists hve proposed severl competg defitions of n ttempt to encompss the wide vriety of mritl prctices observed cross cultures.< href="#cite_note-Bell-7">[7] Even with < href="/wiki/Western_culture" title="Western culture">Western culture "defitions of hve creened from one extreme to nother nd everywhere between" (s Evn Gerstmnn hs put it).< href="#cite_note-8">[8] The steps tht n unmrried fther must tke order to obt rights to his child vry by country some countries (such s the UK – sce 2003 Englnd nd Wles 2006 Scotlnd nd 2002 Northern Irelnd) it is sufficient for the fther to be listed on the birth certificte for him to hve prentl rights;< href="#cite_note-207">[202] other countries such s Irelnd simply beg listed on the birth certificte does not offer ny rights dditionl legl steps must be tken (if the mother grees the prents cn both sign "sttutory declrtion" but if the mother does not gree the fther hs to pply to court).< href="#cite_note-208">[203] Mong ncient < href="/wiki/Germnic_peoples" title="Germnic peoples">Germnic tribes the bride nd groom were roughly the sme ge nd generlly older thn their Romn counterprts t lest ccordg to < href="/wiki/Tcitus" title="Tcitus">Tcitus: The youths prtke lte of the plesures of love nd hence pss the ge of puberty unexhusted: nor re the virgs hurried to ; the sme mturity the sme full growth is required: the sexes unite eqully mtched nd robust; nd the children herit the vigor of their prents.< href="#cite_note-298">[293] Some countries such s ustrli permit s to be held privte nd t ny loction; others cludg < href="/wiki/Englnd_nd_Wles" title="Englnd nd Wles">Englnd nd Wles require tht the civil ceremony be conducted plce open to the public nd specilly snctioned by lw for the purpose Englnd the plce of formerly hd to be church or < href="/wiki/Register_office_(United_Kgdom)" title="Register office (United Kgdom)">register office but this ws extended to ny public venue with the necessry licence n exception cn be mde the cse of by specil emergency license (UK: licence) which is normlly grnted only when one of the prties is termlly ill Rules bout where nd when persons cn mrry vry from plce to plce Some regultions require one of the prties to reside with the jurisdiction of the register office (formerly prish). Lws refer to the legl requirets which determe the vlidity of which vry considerbly between countries Rights nd obligtions See lso: < href="/wiki/Mtrimonil_regime" title="Mtrimonil regime">Mtrimonil regime nd < href="/wiki/Rights_nd_responsibilities_of_s__the_United_Sttes" title="Rights nd responsibilities of s the United Sttes">Rights nd responsibilities of s the United Sttes bestows rights nd obligtions on the mrried prties nd sometimes on < href="/wiki/Kship" title="Kship">reltives s well beg the sole mechnism for the cretion of < href="/wiki/ffity_(lw)" title="ffity (lw)">ffl ties (-lws) These my clude dependg on jurisdiction: N issue tht is serious concern regrdg nd which hs been the object of terntionl scruty is tht of < href="/wiki/Mritl_rpe" title="Mritl rpe">sexul violence with Throughout much of the history most cultures sex ws considered 'right' tht could be tken by force (often by mn from womn) if 'denied' s the concept of < href="/wiki/Humn_rights" title="Humn rights">humn rights strted to develop the 20th century nd with the rrivl of < href="/wiki/Second-wve_femism" title="Second-wve femism">second-wve femism such views hve become less widely held.[< href="/wiki/Wikipedi:Cittion_needed" title="Wikipedi:Cittion needed">cittion needed] Vrious jurisdictions civil my tke plce s prt of the religious ceremony lthough they re theoreticlly distct Some jurisdictions llow civil s circumstnces which re notbly not llowed by prticulr religions such s < href="/wiki/Sme-sex_" title="Sme-sex ">sme-sex s or < href="/wiki/Civil_union" title="Civil union">civil unions. Some legl systems the prtners re "jotly lible" for the debts of the This hs bsis trditionl legl notion clled the "Doctre of Necessities" whereby heterosexul ws responsible to provide necessry thgs for his wife Where this is the cse one prtner my be sued to collect debt for which they did not expressly contrct Critics of this prctice note tht debt collection gencies cn buse this by climg n unresonbly wide rnge of debts to be expenses of the The cost of defense nd the burden of proof is then plced on the non-contrctg prty to prove tht the expense is not debt of the fmily The respective mtennce obligtions both durg nd eventully fter re regulted most < href="/wiki/Jurisdiction" title="Jurisdiction">jurisdictions; < href="/wiki/limony" title="limony">limony is one such method. < href="/wiki/prtheid" title="prtheid">South fric under prtheid lso bnned terrcil The < href="/wiki/Prohibition_of_Mixed_s_ct,_1949" title="Prohibition of Mixed s ct 1949">Prohibition of Mixed s ct 1949 prohibited between persons of different rces nd the < href="/wiki/Immorlity_ct" title="Immorlity ct">Immorlity ct of 1950 mde < href="/wiki/Miscegention" title="Miscegention">sexul reltions with person of different rce < href="/wiki/Crime" title="Crime">crime. The opposite cse my hppen s well Prtners my not hve full juridicl ctg cpcity nd churches my hve less strict limits thn the civil jurisdictions This prticulrly pplies to mimum ge or physicl firmities.[< href="/wiki/Wikipedi:Cittion_needed" title="Wikipedi:Cittion needed">cittion needed][< href="/wiki/Wikipedi:Plese_clrify" title="Wikipedi:Plese clrify">clrifiction needed] I cn’t spek for nyone else but this fn club simply died of neglect Once we were mrried gone were the dte nights or flowers or smll gifts or even time sittg on the couch wtchg TV It becme he comes home grbs some portion of my ntomy sexully nd expects me to jump the sck despite wdg through his clothes on the floor the beer he spilled on the floor nd didn’t clen up so I slipped on it nd runng off to sit t the computer for hours fterwrds I didn’t see ny of tht before were were mn writg this ppers to thk the mn the never chnges the womn just morphs for no reson Tht he is still the considerte crg person who gives kiss for no reson nd snuggles on the couch sted of retretg to his own spce s often s not I see the mn stop showg concern nd cre for his wife’s well beg I didn’t my to chnge but he sure did nd not for the better. Governts tht support monogmy my llow esy divorce number of Western countries divorce rtes pproch 50% Those who remrry do so on verge three times Divorce nd re cn thus result "seril monogmy" i.e hvg multiple s but only one legl spouse t time This cn be terpreted s form of plurl mtg s re those societies domted by femle-heded fmilies the < href="/wiki/Cribben" title="Cribben">Cribben < href="/wiki/Muritius" title="Muritius">Muritius nd < href="/wiki/Brzil" title="Brzil">Brzil where there is frequent rottion of unmrried prtners ll these ccount for 16 to 24% of the "monogmous" ctegory.< href="#cite_note-18">[18] Sce the lte twentieth century mjor socil chnges Western countries hve led to chnges the demogrphics of with the ge of first cresg fewer people mrryg nd more couples choosg to < href="/wiki/Cohbittion" title="Cohbittion">cohbit rther thn mrry For exmple the number of s Europe decresed by 30% from 1975 to 2005.< href="#cite_note-4">[4] The helth-protective effect of is stronger for thn wo.< href="#cite_note-KiecoltGlser2001-265">[260]< href="#cite_note-wnic2011-267">[262] Mritl sttus—the simple fct of beg mrried—confers more helth benefits to thn wo.< href="#cite_note-KiecoltGlser2001-265">[260] Wo's helth is more strongly impcted thn 's by mritl conflict or stisfction such tht unhppily mrried wo do not enjoy better helth reltive to their sgle counterprts.< href="#cite_note-KiecoltGlser2001-265">[260]< href="#cite_note-wnic2011-267">[262]< href="#cite_note-sxbe2008-268">[263] Most reserch on nd helth hs focused on heterosexul couples; more work is needed to clrify the helth impcts of < href="/wiki/Sme-sex_" title="Sme-sex ">sme-sex < href="#cite_note-Robles2013-264">[259] Some mrried couples < href="/wiki/Voluntry_childlessness" title="Voluntry childlessness">choose not to hve children Others re unble to hve children becuse of < href="/wiki/fertility" title="fertility">fertility or other fctors preventg < href="/wiki/Fertilistion" title="Fertilistion">conception or the berg of children some cultures imposes n obligtion on wo to ber children northern < href="/wiki/Ghn" title="Ghn">Ghn for exmple pyt of < href="/wiki/Bride_price" title="Bride price">bridewelth signifies womn's requiret to ber children nd wo usg birth control fce substntil threts of physicl buse nd reprisls.< href="#cite_note-215">[210] The mythologicl orig of Chese heterosexul is story bout < href="/wiki/N%C3%BCw" title="Nüw">Nüw nd < href="/wiki/Fu_Xi" clss="mw-redirect" title="Fu Xi">Fu Xi who vented proper procedures fter becomg mrried ncient Chese society people of the sme surnme re supposed to consult with their < href="/wiki/Fmily_tree" title="Fmily tree">fmily trees prior to to reduce the potentil risk of untentionl cest Mrryg one's mternl reltives ws generlly not thought of s cest Fmilies sometimes termrried from one genertion to nother Over time Chese people becme more geogrphiclly mobile dividuls remed members of their biologicl fmilies When couple died the nd the wife were buried seprtely the respective cln's grveyrd mternl mle would become son--lw who lived the wife's home. Ech religious uthority hs rules for the mnner which s re to be conducted by their officils nd members Where religious s re recognised by the stte the officitor must lso conform with the lw of the jurisdiction.